To practice coaching at the highest level, the commitment to self and the unwavering belief in all human potential, without edges or limitations, are the  vital ingredients that we must embody

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
C.G. Jung


The depth of self awareness and emotional intelligence required to master the advanced competencies of transformational work is expertly achieved through committed, ongoing and consistent personal exploration and healing.


You cannot guide your clients through processes you are unwilling to undertake yourself. When you become aware of the limitations in your coaching practice and the edge of your competency it is necessary to recommit to your own growth and path of transformation.


The advanced training stretches you into engaging all the dimensions at play in the coaching process at a conscious and unconscious level for both your client and yourself. By showing up fully and being completely present in relationship with yourself and your client you will discover together the super subtle and powerful processes which exist in our psychological, emotional and energetic worlds.


This level of engagement enables you to facilitate change and transformation that has previously alluded you, thus bringing you and your clients greater levels of success and more powerful outcomes. The programme itself utilises equine facilitated learning to deepen self awareness and illuminate unconscious and energetic communication.


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"It takes endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”
Marianne Williamson


When we begin to recognise that what we have previously seen as an external issue also has an internal element to it, we start to see how we may have contributed to the issue. How we may need to change our part in the dynamic of the coaching relationship.


During supervision you will have the opportunity to look deeper into your own practice and become aware of subtle processes in coaching conversations which lead to blind spots in yourself and your thinking.


You will have the opportunity to develop your psychological mindedness – your capacity to reflect on the causes and meanings behind your own and other people’s behaviours, thoughts and feelings. You will experience many benefits including:

  • Quality reflection on your practice
  • Developing your authenticity and aligning who you are with how you coach
  • Personal growth as a coach
  • Continuous skills development
  • Support in managing coaching relationships and maintaining ethical practice


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"Of all deceivers fear most yourself!”
Søren Kierkegaard



Supervision has provided me with an important space to reflect, better identify my own values, beliefs and behaviours and how I bring these into a coaching conversation. It has illuminated rescuing and collusion and other blind spots not conducive to an effective coaching partnership. ~ Kate

I wanted to let you know that my supervision session with you about my client the other day, meant that I had some amazing sessions with my subsequent clients, using what we had discussed.I also recontracted with the original client around the possibility of using the new process and explained more fully how it would work. I took your teaching notes in this time and felt the client went even deeper and connected more fully than they had previously. ~ Rebecca

Thank you for an amazing supervision session, I'm feeling so revitalised. Looking forward to lots more challenge and support in this group. ~ Sarah